Our mission is to radically improve the well-being and extend the duration of human life. We develop personalized products and solutions based on continuous monitoring of vital medical indicators, uniquely combining state-of-the-art detection and data science techniques.


Nemanja Andric
Data Scientist
Lucas Binggeli
Business Intern
Jean-Cristophe Blancon
Senior Photonics Scientist
Andrea Briker Angel
Medical Science Intern
Kamila Czechowska
Medical Science Liaison
Andrej Dvorak
Chief Technology Officer
Leo Grünstein
Co-Founder & CEO
Luis Jara Casas
Electronics Engineer
Jannes Jegminat
Data Scientist
Andrey Katz
Data Scientist
Vasyl Kilin
Spectroscopy Application Scientist
Paolo Livi
ASIC Engineer
Joo Siang Ng
Opto-Mechanical Engineer
Övünç Okyay
Co-Founder & Venture Builder with LG Capital
Ana Perez Carrillo
Business Intern
Liz Peruski Canovic
Biomedical Engineer
Gabriela Santilli
Analytical Chemist
Thunder Shiviah
Data Science Team Lead
Andrea Sterzi
Spectroscopy Application Engineer
Daniel Thürig
VP Operations & Strategy

Our Values

Dream big, stay focused

  • We dream big and think long term
  • We break conventions
  • We remain humble
  • We focus on the next simple step, effectively, and with persistence

Cultivate a strong and mindful self and team

  • We work towards our vision with passion, dedication and enthusiasm
  • We are mindful and respectful in all our interactions, appreciating our diversity
  • We continuously work on improving ourselves and the team by seeking and giving feedback
  • We take the time to jointly enjoy and have fun


  • We make the most out of our talents, time and financial resources
  • We strive through full ownership, accountability and professionalism
  • We decide, act and work fast and agile

Care to do good

  • We enhance life and medicine
  • We have awareness and empathy for the uniqueness of each individual life
  • We aim to create a better world, jointly with and for our partners

Trust through transparency

  • We base all our doing on honesty and integrity
  • We are fact based and proactively open about our results
  • We are authentic and stay true to our purpose


We are hiring!

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated professionals to join our team.

Current job openings:

  • Senior Researcher/Scientist, Biophotonics
  • Analog and Mixed-Signal ASIC Design Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer, Fluidic Systems
  • Laboratory Technician​

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