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A revolutionary leap forward in the well-being of humanity through real-time continuous biomarker and drug monitoring.


Starting with glucose, we aim to reach the holy grail of continuous, non-invasive, and medical grade multi-biomarker monitoring, in a next generation wearable, providing us with data to live longer, healthier lives.


We uniquely combine advanced spectral techniques with state-of-the-art data analysis and a novel approach for technology miniaturization in order to be able to measure biomarkers and drugs in real time and continuously.


We care to do good, having awareness and empathy for the uniqueness of each individual life. We aim to create a better world jointly with and for our partners.


We cultivate a strong and mindful self and team, appreciating our diversity in all its aspects. We make the most out of our talents, time and financial resources.


We dream big and think long term, whilst focusing on the next simple step. We create trust through transparency, always remaining fact based and proactively open about our results.